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Are Microtransactions a real problem?

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 7:03 PM
I'm 50/50 on this.

Microtransactions are a method for companies to make more money and many people hate microtransactions for the sole reason of constantly paying. But obviously most if not all microtransactions are completely optional. Examples can be for paying for more of a game's in-game currency. I will say microtransactions are stupid in cases for mobile games where you pay to respawn quicker or something like that.

Lately I've been spending lots on Halo 5's Gold REQ packs. I've eventually started to try restrain myself. It's really hard because earning currency in-game is so slow, unless an RP boost (gained from REQ packs) is used which gives you bonus currency. Plus it isn't fun to sit through when I constantly die and my teammates are useless. There were matches where my team and I kicked ass, but most times I'm put on sucking teams and I end up sucking myself, making me really salty. I just wanna get some good stuff for my Spartan. I got some decent stuff, but I wish I got the Recon, Scanner or Noble helmet, but instead I'm getting countless helmets and armour, most of which I don't want.

I think 
microtransactions do have their uses sometimes. As far as I know, microtransactions in Halo 5 work as crowdfunding for Halo tournaments. The prize pool was originally a million dollar, but now it has since risen up to $1,700,000. If there are any other microtransaction games that have funds going to a good cause, let me know.

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None of your Beeswax.
If you manage to read this, I might actually have some hope in humanity.

I'm a fellow Australian, a British Railway enthusiast, Pokémon fan, amiibo collector and everyday gamer. Oh, and I can't stop thinking about Plants vs. Zombies with a dark twist to it.

I may seem like the average friendly deviantART user at times, especially around friends and good people.
But other times, I'm an angry, rude, sassy bloke. As a result, I may be an unlikeable douche to some people.
If you're one of those that I'm being a douche to; suck it up and deal with it. You likely brought it upon yourself anyway.
Coming wide with me is useless. It's my decision alone to change who I am and my opinions toward certain people and things. This is the internet, so I can treat anyone and anything with respect or disrespect whenever I want.

:bulletyellow:I prefer talking in private via a note/PM, especially when it comes to being shared pics or gift art. So I insist being sent a note instead of a profile comment. If I happen to ignore your note, I probably don't know you or just don't want to talk.

:bulletred:If I hide a comment of yours, then you're most likely annoying me or it violates one of my rules (which nobody reads).

:bulletgreen:Do not advertise stuff such as a website link or deviation on my profile, please. If you have something you want to show me, show it via a note so nobody else can see. I hate to be pestered over and over so that may delay me in giving you a response to the subject. Or I won't respond at all if you go overboard with your pestering.

I ignore those who talk crap behind my back or to my face, but I assure you some crap-talkers won't be escaping my wrath.:iconevilgrinplz:

How do you feel when you constantly die and lose at an online game? 

16 deviants said A bit of both.
7 deviants said It doesn't matter.
4 deviants said Really Frustrated and Salty.


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So please... be nice...
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